All-in-one Solutions For Our Vendors

Partner with us to access the best of all-in-one solutions plus extra advantages including more earnings, training, insurance, peace of mind, digitization, medical checkups, and lots more.
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Why Partner With Us?

Regular Earnings

No need to scout the market

On-time payments

Driver training

Vendor Partnership Requirements

The vendor must possess self-owned or company-owned commercial vehicles.

The vendor should demonstrate flexibility in scaling up operations based on our needs.

The vendor should maintain a robust geographical presence with a substantial fleet of vehicles in their designated area.

The vendor should be a registered and licensed transporter, operating under a proprietorship structure.

The vendor should be willing to modify vehicles according to our specifications.

The vendor should be compliant with industry regulations and ethical standards.

The vendor should exhibit a proactive approach by adapting to the latest innovations and technologies to enhance the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their services.

The vendor should be adaptable to evolving advancements and ensure that our partnership is forward-thinking and competitive.

Benefits of Partnership

Transparency in the payments

Regular medical checkups for the drivers

Assistance in the family and medical health insurance

Assistance in vehicle insurance

Educating the drivers in adapting tech, and digitalization

Empowering the women drivers



Health camps

Our Network

Our extensive network across India allows us to offer cost-effective and efficient logistics solutions, timely delivery, and customer satisfaction.

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