Streamlining Supply Chains with the help of Indian Logistics

Streamlining Supply Chains | JEL

Overview of Indian Logistics Solutions In the modern digitized world, businesses are fixed to streamline supply chains to remain competitive in the market and thus has become the number one priority in businesses of nearly every industry. A streamlined supply chain system ensures that goods and services reach the customer on time while maintaining minimal […]

What is Logistics? What are its functions?

What is Logistics What are its functions | JEL

What is Logistics? Logistics is an effective tool that helps in navigating through diverse business operations. What is logistics? It is the process of moving goods, services, and information-relevant aspects from the start of production to final consumers. Logistically speaking, it just makes sure that products are transported, stored, and delivered on time. It covers […]

The Future of Logistics in India: How Indian Companies are Transforming the Industry

The Future of Indian Logistics | JEL

Future of Logistics in India – Overview The logistics industry is at the core of a business’s overall performance as it ensures that goods smoothly flow through the supply chain. India’s logistics in recent years has seen significant growth and a stellar performance. This blog discusses many topics that include, why logistics matters, the present […]

Sustainable Logistics: How Indian Companies are Reducing Carbon Footprints

Sustainable Logistics How Indian Companies are Reducing Carbon Footprints | JEL

Understanding Sustainable Logistics: Key Concepts and Benefits In the current world wherein concerns about the existing environmental issues have taken center stage, the idea of sustainable logistics can be ranked prominent for companies. Sustainable logistics or sustainable supply chain operations involve the development of forward-thinking strategies and approaches that are ecologically compatible and strive to […]

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